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100’s Of Reasons For You Working With Us

Importance of having a job:

Well, you the jack of the skills but the job will lead you towards being the master! During the job you always have an opportunity to learn something new or it will help you in being updated about your field. Various skills such as technical or marketing skills or socialization are the byproduct of doing the job.

Direct Office Work

4 benefits of working in the office

  1. Better distribution of workspace. Working in an office involves, on certain occasions, to carry out tasks in functional and highly optimised workspaces. These types of spaces allow for the free circulation of workers in a fluid manner and in this way, increase and improve interaction with other partners.
  2. Working as a team. Being part of a company project with a team of people boosts your creativity, as well as developing our collaborative and social skills. In an office we can interact and work side by side with other colleagues, something that can help us move away from static work routines. In addition, productivity in the office is increased.
  3. Conduct face to face meetings. For certain work or projects, it may be necessary to hold face to face meetings. For example, arranging a meeting with a very important client at our place of work can help us to sell a proposal, because the customer engages, feels part of a whole and is able to see in person how we perform naturally and safely in a professional environment.
  4. Establishing new links and contacts. Being immersed in a daily work routine with a lot of people around us can benefit us in the future, as this will allow us to acquire new contacts that can help us in the long run to find new job opportunities or start new professional projects. Interacting with other professionals in the office can benefit us when building new business or if we want to initiate and create new personal projects.

Receive Your Offer Letter

The offer letter allows the candidate to know the majority of the contingencies of the position and the company to decide if they will accept the offer or not. If the candidate agrees to your offer, they will sign the letter and return it back to the company.

The offer letter acts as a formal offering of the job position to the applicant and includes summaries of the main terms, conditions of the offer, details about the role and company, as well as any other details to help the candidate decide whether or not to accept the job offer.

Reach Your idendity

ID cards have become a crucial part of the business world, making it possible to simultaneously simplify employee and visitor identification and enhance a company’s integrity and security. ID cards typically include an employee’s name, photo, job title and department, making quick personal identification a snap

Get Your Training Certificate

Here are the top reasons why certification is important to learners, whether it’s officially recognized or not.
  • Certification is motivating. Let’s be honest. …
  • It helps employees climb the professional ladder. …
  • It provides employees with credibility. …
  • It’s a means for continuous education.

Get Your Experience Certificate

The employee experience certificate is very important to identify the past years of expertise of an employee in an employer organization. It acts as a proof for you that you were employed by an organization in a certain position for a certain period of time.

Experience Certificate provides a clear picture of an employee’s past designation, roles and related experience with respect to his/her previous employment.

Is the salary mentioned in the experience letter? Answer: Yes, your current or previous salary is mentioned in the working experience letter Sample provided by the company.

Work Stability

Let’s explore the advantages of a stable job!
  • Management of Expenses. People are always worried about payments and expenses! …
  • Lesser Stress, More Fun! …
  • More Employee Benefits. …
  • Opportunity to Take Investment Risks. …
  • Opportunities for Professional Growth.


Benefits of Employee Promotion
  • Expectation: Employee Promotion is one of the main goals of employees working hard. …
  • Reduce Attrition: Employee Promotion often includes a pay raise which acts as a huge motivation. …
  • Motivation & Productivity: …
  • Cost-Efficient: …
  • Career Growth: …
  • Need to Manage: …
  • Rewards and Recognition:

Salary Increments

A salary upsurge is usually provided to an employee for many reasons:
  • To identify improved competence or skills.
  • To compensate the team member for taking on additional accountabilities.
  • To recognize strong performance.
  • To support pay with market rates.
  • To afford for a cost of living adjustment.

Pay Slip And Other Supports

Pay slips ensure that employees receive the correct pay and entitlements and help employers to keep accurate and complete records.

In accordance with payslip law, your employer must issue your payslip on or before your payday. Paydays vary by business and by pay run. Some paydays are the same day every month, while others are weekly. If you’re paid every four weeks, your payday will vary every month.

Career Growth

  • It reduces employee turnover by providing increased promotional avenues.
  • It improves employees’ morale and motivation.
  • It enables organizations to man promotional vacancies internally, thereby reducing the cost of managerial recruitment.

Still Working Under 150 + Employees

The Top Benefits of a Large Company
  • Career development and opportunities. Formal training programs are often readily available in large companies, meaning there are more opportunities to develop and grow. …
  • Learn from the best people. …
  • Diverse community. …
  • Networking. …
  • Office perks. …
  • Support outside of work.

Work From Home

  • Flexibility. This doesn’t just relate to timings either although the flexibility to determine your own work hours to some extent is the most important aspect of this. …
  • Less distractions. …
  • Proximity to home and family. …
  • Less stress. …
  • More productivity. …
  • Better health. …
  • Better work/life balance. …
  • Isolation.

Get Your Appointment Order

Appointment Letter benefits
An appointment letter would provide a sort of documentary evidence and would help them claim their rights and benefits due to employees. An employer would be required to mention details such as salary, working hours etc.

World Class Credit Management Training

Top 10 Benefits of Training the Employees for Organizations
  • Boosts Employee Performance. …
  • Improve Morale and Job Satisfaction. …
  • Ensures Opportunities for Learning. …
  • Opportunity to Identify Weaknesses. …
  • Provide a Framework to Develop Strengths. …
  • Encourages Innovation and Risk Acceptance. …
  • Boosts Adherence to Quality Standards.

Personalized Employee Portal

An employee portal (also called enterprise portal or intranet portal) is a secure site where you can easily share and discuss information within your company or organization, and keep all your staff on the same page.

Employee self-service (ESS) portals are web-based tools through which employees can access relevant information and conduct certain transactions from a central online site or gateway. Some organizations also use the employee portal to deliver both corporate and HR-related information.

Free Online Courses

Here are four reasons why employee training and development is important:
  • Positive employee retention. …
  • Training future leaders. …
  • Employee empowerment. …
  • Increased workplace engagement. …
  • Target soft skills. …
  • Personalize employee development. …
  • Emphasize digital learning. …
  • Create a strategic development plan.

Super Salary Structure

Salary structures are an important component of effective compensation 

programs and help ensure that pay levels for groups of jobs are competitive externally and equitable internally.

The relative value of different roles is based on factors including responsibility, experience and education, key skills, effort/impact, and working conditions. A well-designed and transparent pay structure should help an organization attract and retain talent be perceived as fair and equitable.


There are many benefits of incentives in the workplace:
  • Increasing productivity.
  • Creating a culture of high performance.
  • Retaining top performers.
  • Motivating staff to exceed their goals.
  • Improving company morale.
  • 5 Important benefits of incentive compensation plans

  • 1. Higher sales
  • 2. Teamwork
  • 3. Increased engagement
  • 4. Reduced turnover
  • 5. Improved morale

Leaves And Compensations

Many companies offer leave benefits that allow employees to take time off from work for various reasons. Leave benefits – whether paid, unpaid or partially paid – are generally an agreement between the employer and employee.

Taking leave is essential. It promotes good physical and mental health in the workplace and improves people’s work-life balance, which reduces stress and unscheduled days off. Absenteeism can have a significant impact on any business

Money And Mind Management Programs

You‘ll be giving your employees useful life skills they can apply beyond your company. By helping your employees learn about managing their finances (this includes concepts like retirement planning and budgeting), they can hopefully put a great financial plan in place and reduce their money-induced stress

It helps people discover their inner energy, allowing them to connect their thoughts with what they do. Mind management is the key to success. When a leader is able to mange himself well he will be able to lead the team effortlessly in the right direction,” says Yadhava.

Tour Packages

Offering benefits to your employees is important because it shows them you are invested in not only their overall health, but their future. A solid employee benefits package can help to attract and retain talent. Benefits can help you differentiate your business from competitors.

With work-life balance now ranking among the top priorities for candidates, travel policies have taken on new significance

Salary Advance

Salary loans benefit both the employee and the employer and it prevents employees from going into any cash crunches from their early days of employment. Salary advance applications are making the process more seamless and hassle-free with their instant approval and quick cash transfer.

Salary advance is a short-term loan open to all salaried employees who have an account with Family Bank. You can receive up to 50% of your previous month’s net salary. This loan is payable upon receipt of the next month’s salary.








Become an expert

You can predict upcoming changes to your market better — With expertise comes more knowledge of the major players in your industry, and the things they’re likely to do. No, you can’t predict everything, but expertise can help you get ready for change.

Learn by Doing

Learning new things – the benefits
  • Improve your brain function. Research shows there are several ways to improve the health of your brain and learning something new is one of them. …
  • Meet new people. …
  • Become involved in your community. …
  • Feel good about your new skill. …
  • Have fun.

Build your portfolio

A portfolio gives you a holistic view of all your assets and enables you to see the gaps in your investment plan vis a vis your financial objectives. Portfolio management allows you to take more informed decisions about the kind of investments you should make.

Portfolios offer students tangible evidence to show their academic achievements as well as their participation in community service projects. Because high school graduation is contingent on mastery of essential elements of the curriculum, portfolios can give students an alternate avenue to show documentation of skills.

Achieve your goals

Benefits of Goal Setting
  • Provides Direction. First and foremost, goals give you a direction and destination. …
  • Clearer Focus on what is important. …
  • Clarity in Decision Making. …
  • Gives you control of your future. …
  • Provides Motivation. …
  • Gives you a sense of personal satisfaction. …
  • Gives you a sense of purpose in life.

Our entire team will be prototyping from the bigining of the first day onwards to you!

Hardwork Makes Knowledge, Knowledge Makes Smart Work, Smart Work Makes Money And Good Lifestyle

Boss, Capital Finserve HR Team.


In business, we often focus on decisions and constantly strive to motivate employees to create innovations.

But your creative question is crucial to building growing companies and fostering healthy relationships between managers and co-workers.

When you ask the right questions, it stimulates our creativity and helps employees show their best.

What is the usual office hours?

9AM – 5 PM Regularly

Is there night work?


How much salary do you get?

Junior Level – 15000 per month

Senior Level – 25000 per month

Benchmark Level – 35000 per month

Is there adequate training provided by the company?

Yes, world class training will be provided by the company.

Is there any incentive monthly other than salary?

Yes .Incentive will be given every month according to your ability.

Is this work permanent enough to last for many years?

This work is always permanent.

Is computer knowledge mandatory to do this task?

Yes, basic computer knowledge is required to do this job.

Can this work be done from home?

You can do this at home.(Available Work From Home Facility)

Ready to get started?

Get in touch, or apply your job

Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews


Capital Finserve is one of best loan providing company I've ever seen .they make the loan getting process very easy for the customer and their service providing is absolutely great. I am gald that I've got loan with the help of capital Finserve. I highly recommend capital Finserve to apply for loan. they provide service for all class people. I thank them for improving my life.


I have 10 dairy cows last year. We have been doing the same business by the way for many years. Being an Agro-based business I never had the intention of getting loans from banks. And I never took great interest in keeping my purchases properly. But there was a time when I needed a loan and it was not available in any bank. Wherever they went, they were constantly asked for bank accounts and proof of income. Since I continue to live in the village I have no idea which banks will get loans for cattle breeding. But I kept trying. Then one day, I got the introduction to Capital Finserve. On their advice, I found out about the banks that get the loan based on dairy farming and tried it regularly and got the loan. That's when I realized the beauty of the time. After that, I had great success with the big dairy. Despite my hard work behind my success, the advice and services of Capital Finserve on how to use that labor were very helpful. Capital Finserve is a milestone for a credit service. Thanks a thousand ounces !!!!!


A few years ago, I had a CIBIL problem due to a slight delay in building my CAR LOAN. So I did not get a loan from any bank. There is no point in trying again and again. I did not take any effort for my loan after that. I heard about CAPITALFINSERVE a year ago and approached them. They inquired about everything with me and gave me a good piece of advice for my loan. Accordingly, I first got a jewelry loan and paid it exactly EMI for 6 months. Then all my CIBIL related problems came to an end and now everything is fine. Now I have obtained the required loan from the relevant bank. Are a knowledgeable credit architect in advising on capital finserve.I would like to express my gratitude to capital finserve.


run a tea and coffee export company. For the last 5 years, I have mortgaged my 4 assets for my business and got a huge amount of loan from a bank involved. He said that he would give the loan again if any property documents were given back to the concerned bank when the loan was required again at present. But I have no property above that. I was in great distress without understanding anything because of the urgent need for credit. Then I got the introduction of capital finserve through a friend of mine. I immediately applied for my loan service. They told me they were getting a loan from another bank. I also agreed to transfer the balance. Very nice service from capital back serve. In addition to getting the loan I needed, only 2 of my 4 property documents were said to be sufficient in another bank concerned. Now I have got the loan and in return, I have given only 2 of the 4 properties. My heartfelt thanks to capital finserve.


I am in the wholesale fish business. I do not know how to get a loan despite having an adequate income. So I did not try anywhere. I was a little hesitant when the call came from Capital Finserve. But the experience I borrowed was so sweet for me. I mailed the documents related to my loan. A few days later, they met me in person from a concerned bank and went to check the originals of my documents. Then I finished the inspection and called me to the bank for an interview. Within a few days of inquiring about my income and expenses there, my loan was credited to my Bank account. My thanks to Capital Finserv ......


I am working as a department head in a private college. When I applied to the bank for my home loan, I did not get enough loans even though I had enough salary. I did not get a big explanation as to why. And for many months my dream of constructing my house did not come true. I was once called from capitalfinserve and they said they were receiving the home loan I needed. I could not believe it. I asked how this was possible. Their explanation gave me great pleasure. That is, they told me to apply for a home loan after completing the 2 small loans I had already received. CapitalFinserve is hailed as ahead of the loan services. My congratulations on their excellent work.


I am running a Tailoring shop in Chennai Tondiarpet. When I needed a loan, I did not get the amount of credit I needed because my expenses were too high. No one could explain why that was. Because I spent all my income and saved it on my wife's income. But the banks refused to take my wife's income for my loan. So getting a loan was a big problem for me. I had not known this for a long time. Then one day the capital finserve staff called me and said they would give me a loan service. But I could not believe it. I asked myself to explain my various questions and they taught me how to regulate my and my wife's income. Then they helped to buy me a loan from a particular bank. I learned from their experience in obtaining their many years of credit in the service provided by capital finserve. I would also like to express my gratitude.


I never thought about big things. My business was in a small space. I never thought about buying a loan. Because I have always considered borrowing to be a problem. I kept the small amount of money I had and did my business of making agarbathi. At one point, the gap between my career growth and the money I had was huge. When I didn't know what to do, the capital finance staff approached me and told me how to get a loan and start a business. At first I just got less credit. But I focused on things like maintaining my professional licenses, bank account related docs well, keeping things related to income in order and now I know very well how to use it to get more credit and maximize business. Now I have learned through capital finance that loans can be very supportive for a man to grow his business. Many thanks to capital finserve for having intellectual credit technologies ....


I have been doing the commercial Transport business for the last 10 years. I have not always been generally interested in improving my bank accounts. And I have always been more interested in getting auto loans. Auto loans have always been easy for me to get without anyone's help. I thought other loans would be just as easy to get as auto loans. But then I realized that it was not true. Because when I needed a personal loan, I did not get it from any bank. I was very disappointed. A few months later I got the introduction of Capitol finserve through a friend of mine. They very tactfully gave me a lot of advice, (For example 5 vehicles without any credit, filing income tax etc.) Now they have shut me down and made me eligible for loans. capital finserve is one of the most ingenious lenders. Thanks to capital finserve .......


I have been running a medical shop for the last 15 years. I approached a lot of people when I needed a loan. Then I got a loan in 15-20 days. Then once when I needed a loan, the people involved in capital finance approached me. I also thought that I would get the loan I needed in 15-20 days. Instead, I received the loan I needed from the bank concerned in 4-5 days. I could not believe it. Capital Finserve I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation.