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We started Our Loan Services Across Tamil Nadu Since 2007

Personal Loans

Personal loans are determined by one’s basic KYC, Income proof and CIBIL history. You can go straight to any bank to get a personal loan. Before you go to the bank regarding the personal loan, you need to be familiar with all the basics of personal loans.

Business Loans

Business loans are determined by one’s basic KYC, Income proof, Business proof and cibil history. You can go straight to any bank to get a Business loan. Before you go to bank regarding the Business loans, you need to be familiar with all the basics of Business loans.

Home Construction Loans

The most popular in HOME LOAN is a construction loan. Those who need this loan must own at least 500 sqft. Also, you need to get DTCP or local approval to build the property. And be prepared to build a minimum 500 sqft home in that area. 

Home Purchasing Loan

PURCHASING LOAN is being bought more in the current period. This type of LOAN is loaned at 90% of ASSET VALUE and less than EMI FACTOR LOAN Amount. If the original AGREEMENT is given to the bank for which the house is to be purchased, 

Loan Against Property

This type of Loan is a Secured Personal loan or Secured Business Improvement Cash Loan. A Secured Personal loan or Secured Business Improvement Cash Loan can be purchased for Loan Against Property for appropriate reasons. And LAP will lend 50% of Asset Value, 

Balance Transfer Loans

Usually, these loans can be transferred to another bank, such as CONSTRUCTION or PURCHASING OR LAP, to transfer the remaining loan amount to another bank for reasons such as service shortage or high interest, as we replace our mobile network with another network.

Banking History

Currently, the service of banks is moving from 4th generation to 5th generation. Before the advent of banks in this world, bartering was in effect. Bartering is the purchase of one item by another. After currency and money have come into circulation in the world, the barter system has disappeared and it has become necessary to buy only one thing.

The Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme (CLSS) for Middle Income Group (MIG) to be called CLSS for MIG I and MIG II was initially approved for implementation for the year 2017. The scheme extended up to March 2020 for the first time and then the government, on May 14, 2020, announced the further extension of the deadline for the affordable housing CLSS scheme for one year, that is, till March 2021. 

Time is money

Time is money” or also we can say that time is priceless and preciousTime can be used for earning money and we can actually do it but on the other side, we cannot use the money to get our lost time back. It means time is more precious than money or any other thing existed in this world.

Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews


Capital Finserve is one of best loan providing company I've ever seen .they make the loan getting process very easy for the customer and their service providing is absolutely great. I am gald that I've got loan with the help of capital Finserve. I highly recommend capital Finserve to apply for loan. they provide service for all class people. I thank them for improving my life.


I have 10 dairy cows last year. We have been doing the same business by the way for many years. Being an Agro-based business I never had the intention of getting loans from banks. And I never took great interest in keeping my purchases properly. But there was a time when I needed a loan and it was not available in any bank. Wherever they went, they were constantly asked for bank accounts and proof of income. Since I continue to live in the village I have no idea which banks will get loans for cattle breeding. But I kept trying. Then one day, I got the introduction to Capital Finserve. On their advice, I found out about the banks that get the loan based on dairy farming and tried it regularly and got the loan. That's when I realized the beauty of the time. After that, I had great success with the big dairy. Despite my hard work behind my success, the advice and services of Capital Finserve on how to use that labor were very helpful. Capital Finserve is a milestone for a credit service. Thanks a thousand ounces !!!!!


A few years ago, I had a CIBIL problem due to a slight delay in building my CAR LOAN. So I did not get a loan from any bank. There is no point in trying again and again. I did not take any effort for my loan after that. I heard about CAPITALFINSERVE a year ago and approached them. They inquired about everything with me and gave me a good piece of advice for my loan. Accordingly, I first got a jewelry loan and paid it exactly EMI for 6 months. Then all my CIBIL related problems came to an end and now everything is fine. Now I have obtained the required loan from the relevant bank. Are a knowledgeable credit architect in advising on capital finserve.I would like to express my gratitude to capital finserve.


run a tea and coffee export company. For the last 5 years, I have mortgaged my 4 assets for my business and got a huge amount of loan from a bank involved. He said that he would give the loan again if any property documents were given back to the concerned bank when the loan was required again at present. But I have no property above that. I was in great distress without understanding anything because of the urgent need for credit. Then I got the introduction of capital finserve through a friend of mine. I immediately applied for my loan service. They told me they were getting a loan from another bank. I also agreed to transfer the balance. Very nice service from capital back serve. In addition to getting the loan I needed, only 2 of my 4 property documents were said to be sufficient in another bank concerned. Now I have got the loan and in return, I have given only 2 of the 4 properties. My heartfelt thanks to capital finserve.


I am in the wholesale fish business. I do not know how to get a loan despite having an adequate income. So I did not try anywhere. I was a little hesitant when the call came from Capital Finserve. But the experience I borrowed was so sweet for me. I mailed the documents related to my loan. A few days later, they met me in person from a concerned bank and went to check the originals of my documents. Then I finished the inspection and called me to the bank for an interview. Within a few days of inquiring about my income and expenses there, my loan was credited to my Bank account. My thanks to Capital Finserv ......


I am working as a department head in a private college. When I applied to the bank for my home loan, I did not get enough loans even though I had enough salary. I did not get a big explanation as to why. And for many months my dream of constructing my house did not come true. I was once called from capitalfinserve and they said they were receiving the home loan I needed. I could not believe it. I asked how this was possible. Their explanation gave me great pleasure. That is, they told me to apply for a home loan after completing the 2 small loans I had already received. CapitalFinserve is hailed as ahead of the loan services. My congratulations on their excellent work.


I am running a Tailoring shop in Chennai Tondiarpet. When I needed a loan, I did not get the amount of credit I needed because my expenses were too high. No one could explain why that was. Because I spent all my income and saved it on my wife's income. But the banks refused to take my wife's income for my loan. So getting a loan was a big problem for me. I had not known this for a long time. Then one day the capital finserve staff called me and said they would give me a loan service. But I could not believe it. I asked myself to explain my various questions and they taught me how to regulate my and my wife's income. Then they helped to buy me a loan from a particular bank. I learned from their experience in obtaining their many years of credit in the service provided by capital finserve. I would also like to express my gratitude.


I never thought about big things. My business was in a small space. I never thought about buying a loan. Because I have always considered borrowing to be a problem. I kept the small amount of money I had and did my business of making agarbathi. At one point, the gap between my career growth and the money I had was huge. When I didn't know what to do, the capital finance staff approached me and told me how to get a loan and start a business. At first I just got less credit. But I focused on things like maintaining my professional licenses, bank account related docs well, keeping things related to income in order and now I know very well how to use it to get more credit and maximize business. Now I have learned through capital finance that loans can be very supportive for a man to grow his business. Many thanks to capital finserve for having intellectual credit technologies ....


I have been doing the commercial Transport business for the last 10 years. I have not always been generally interested in improving my bank accounts. And I have always been more interested in getting auto loans. Auto loans have always been easy for me to get without anyone's help. I thought other loans would be just as easy to get as auto loans. But then I realized that it was not true. Because when I needed a personal loan, I did not get it from any bank. I was very disappointed. A few months later I got the introduction of Capitol finserve through a friend of mine. They very tactfully gave me a lot of advice, (For example 5 vehicles without any credit, filing income tax etc.) Now they have shut me down and made me eligible for loans. capital finserve is one of the most ingenious lenders. Thanks to capital finserve .......


I have been running a medical shop for the last 15 years. I approached a lot of people when I needed a loan. Then I got a loan in 15-20 days. Then once when I needed a loan, the people involved in capital finance approached me. I also thought that I would get the loan I needed in 15-20 days. Instead, I received the loan I needed from the bank concerned in 4-5 days. I could not believe it. Capital Finserve I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation.